lunedì 8 settembre 2008

Revolver photo session, or the prototype importance

I finally managed to save some time for a real photo session of the second prototype of my game revolver. It's a simple game with neat rules, but with a high potential for strategy making.
I saw once again that having good prototypes is paramount: the game is not only its mehanic, but the experience it generates in play. And that experience changes a lot if you are handling plastic, noble solid wood or metal. I think it's close to what is called "theme" or "story" in videogames, but this is more sensory, tactile.

More deeply, I found that working on the design of the objects and on materials gives fuel to ideas on the game, even on its mechanic. What pieces are more fun to touch and handle, for example?

The same holds for pictures when your present the game (given you can have people use the prototype)...