giovedì 10 luglio 2008

Design focus, verbs

I'm sitting in a session about "avoiding the curse of more", and a game designer called Patrick Lipo is making a really good point: game design should be focused, try to achieve depth locally, not breadth (design is made of constraints, not blank sheets).
1. Ask, what is going to impact your players the most?
2. Identify pillar verbs = what your players will be doing 90% of the time: focus there!
3. Other verbs are secondary verbs = give variety to the game
4. Identify pillar values = what makes your game memorable? They should be short sentences, creamed out by your game: that's where you put your extra love.

... and care after the scale of a game: actions should not appear to be stapled together (kill everybody and confront your archenemy in a game of chess!).

Here is a post on Patrick's blog.

Patrick is really focused on action games. How would that be for other types of games?

[reporting from GLS 2008 Conference in Madison, WI]

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