giovedì 3 aprile 2008


I didn't know there is a full family of Wikithings out there! That is interesting. Wikicommons looks like the most useful, for media assets are always valuable - this is why I really love the Creative Commons initiative.
I had a look at the Italian parts of the other "products" - as usual, much less populated than the English ones... so language is the barrier that still makes a difference in access to free information. But there is no technology to overcome it!

I'm pondering still about Wikipedia. It works pretty well for technical things, when you have to learn the basics about a new topic. But I tried once to look for "comunicazione" (Italian for communication) and the result was rather disappointing... of course, the answer is: go ahead and contribute! Indeed, I left my two pence for the article, but that would be a huge work.
Actually, in the mind of most of my colleagues (teachers and professors), Wikipedia is a hell of uncontrolled and low-quality information...

In short I agree with Teemu - not perfect, not horrible, it works and it is useful.

We really need education to take advantage of this.
  1. Education to learn to contribute to the community and not just snore on it when it is not perfect
  2. Education to learn that in any case Wikimedia projects have a limit - they are as they are, and they are different from a book or other media. This is "media education", and critical sense that we and our younger must develop not to be fooled and think that "more accessible" = "higher quality".

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