venerdì 25 aprile 2008


After some delay due to trips - ere is my podcast... I like doing them, and I work with audacity since years. For this time I tried to use garage bad on my wife's mac... fund, but I prefer dirty work like with audacity...
I tried to use the two sites for pod sharing - both are not that nice, messy and pretty commercial. I really had some problems in finding the link to share on switchpod.
Also, no securty things in creating ccounts - this means they are aggressive in finding users, and this is not a good sign in general... :)

I never reflected before about audio and CC ,that was interesting...

Here is the podcast - I worked on games, again. No pics, sorry!

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Juha ha detto...

I would have been very interested of what you might have had to say of rules in games, but the drum beat made me anxious to leave. Sorry. Just wanted to let you know.

Keep on the good work!