lunedì 28 aprile 2008

Playing with pictures

If you are a good photographer, and if you like SL, here is something for you!
How do you see women in Second Life? How does this virtual world helps us better understand their invaluable role in our families and societies? How does it help discover even more their huge potential for the future?
Tell this with a picture!
Submit your best Second Life screenshot that represents the value of women, and win 5000L$!
Important dates:
- Submissions will be accepted until May 15th, 2008
- All participants will be notified by June 10th, 2008
- The award ceremony will be held on noWomannoLife Island on June 17th, 2008
More info available at
The events will take place at this location:
For further information, please contact Roberta Savera (SL name: Seed Fairey).

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