venerdì 14 marzo 2008


I decided to explore wikiversity.
After a brief look around, I decided to drop the idea of working in the Italian section - true that it's there, but it's more a set of empty headings.
So, I tried to explore the English part, and i focused on games, which is on of the topics of interest I have, and one that I?d like start teaching (once my university decides that games are serious enough for being a subject matter... :-)). I read some of the materials and then punched in my contributions to some empty pages, or "not really complete" ones.

My impression is that yes, there is lot of good stuff, and might be useful. But how is it different from the normal wikipedia? I understand those who discuss about the difference between LEARNING objects and INFORMATION objects...

As a teacher, I'd be more interested in having lesson plans, or evaluation tools, for example, but I couldn't find them really.

In short, very positive reaction, I personally learnt a lot - but I'm still thinking about what it really means open EDUCATIONAL resources.

(I?m well aware that there are really well-designer educational products around, but I didn't meet them today in my area!)

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