venerdì 7 marzo 2008

Exploring OER projects

A lot of interesting ideas, and a lot of things I could use for my classes.
However, I see three main points:
  1. Quality: some things are very good, others are poor in terms of presentation. A good percentage of OER are text text text - which is good, but where's the point in having them as sequence of HTML pages? A PDF that I could print would be much better, for instance.
  2. Language: As open as we can ever get, language is a barrier. I cannot teach in English, as not all my students can live with that, and Italian OER are very little
  3. Time: good I can use learning materials by other, but while this can bring new ideas, it is not always doable, as it actually requires more time - I should not only prepare my things, be before that I have to search, review, select, understand, integrate...
This is why I really like the idea of having a community of people working on OER, rather than only a repository of stuff.

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Erkan Yilmaz ha detto...

Ciao Luca,

Wikiversity has also an Italian branch, see here please.

Perhaps you can find there something for your needs and if not: why not create it to help the next person ?

BTW: Wikimedia offers many of its projects also in Italian language.


Peter Rawsthorne ha detto...


Yes, quality is a big part a good education. I believe there is good work being done to monitor and encourage quality within the wiki education space. I wrote a paper on this last year, You may also want to check out the historyflow project,

Luca ha detto...

Erkan, I checked the Italian part of wikiversity - quite disappointing actually, at least in the parts I'm concerned with: lots of empty categories...!
I'll maybe put some work there...


Erkan Yilmaz ha detto...

Ciao Luca,

true, Italian Wikiversity was just created in 2007. If you join it, it will grow faster I am sure :-)

Best way probably is to ask in Bar di Wikiversità (if not done already). You can also join the chatroom.


Senpai ha detto...

Ciao Luca, sono uno degli amministratori di wikiversità in lingua italiana, nonché di wikipedia in lingua italiana.

Comprendo appieno il tuo disappunto nel vedere così "vuota" wikiversità.... ma devi necessariamente renderti conto che il progetto è ancora in fase neonatale e gli utenti che ci lavorano non sono molti.

Siamo in fase di inserimento e brainstorming e aneliamo suggerimento, buone idee e tanto entusiasmo.

Anche wikipedia ha avuto orgine da poche strampalate pagine.... speriamo di riuscire ad aver eil medesimo successo.