mercoledì 2 febbraio 2011

scuola di vita

sono al corso con la scuola di vita autonoma a locarno

mercoledì 28 ottobre 2009

Brandon Hall webinar on learning games

I just attended a websinar with Gary Woodill from Brandon-Hall Research on "Evaluating Online Learning Games for your Employees". Positive, as we had interesting discussion with the other participants (14 altogether), and loads of useful references and examples.
However, I was a little bit disapponted about the definition of what a game is and its relationship with "content" - which was indeed the basis for framing the evaluation "model" (actually, a checklist). Game was the sum of narrative, objectives, and gameplay... rules? experience with other players? and why narrative up front? actually, in many of the small learning games we reviewed, there was no strong narrative...

I think there is still a long way in simply understanding the media before we can really come to sound learning applications.

venerdì 25 settembre 2009

SEE A Game - meeting

I'm currently in Kristiansund, Norway, for a meeting of the EU project SEE A Game, in which we develop games for stimulating entrepreneurial attitudes (I do this for seed).
I'm in charge of designing the games, which are in nice shape so far: one is a collaborative card game (all against the system), the other is a competitive game which involves some strategy and creativity.
Stay tunes in the next months, when we will release the games for testers via the web!

giovedì 20 agosto 2009

Game design concepts - the course

Over the summer I followed Ian Schreiber's free online course on Game Design Concepts. This is my first formal education on games. I actually had not enough time to do all the challenges and "homeplay" - but I must say I'm learning a lot, both in terms of vocabulary and ideas, and on design practices.
I'm also currently fighting with the final game design assignment... I did solo testing yesterday and the game came out almost completely redesigned :-))

The course is paired with a new release book, which is really really useful: Challenges for Game Designers, by Ian Schreiber and Barbara Brathwaite.

giovedì 4 giugno 2009

NEW DESIGNS! SEE A Game & enterpreneurship

Thank to my work with seed, I got a great task for the next two year: designing and developing two classroom games for fostering the development of enterpreneurial skills and attitudes. The project is called SEE A Game, funded by the EU Lifelong Learning Program.
What are enterpreneurial skills and attitudes? Well... risk taking, decision making, creativity, effective communication, leadership, time management - and may more!

One game is "competitive" and "with strict rules" and the other one is "collaborative" and "free-form" - that is at least how the task was detailed by project partners. As it turned out, I'm designing a role-based competitive simulation and card game... More on the games to follow soon!

Digital games in school

A European conference on Digital Games in Schools was held on May 5th 2009, coordinated by the European Schoolnet Initiative.

lunedì 2 febbraio 2009

Special Interest Group on Games and Learning

I'm attending the Swiss Eduhub days where I have a slot for proposing a special interest group on games and learning. Notice it is games and learning, not videogames... L'et's see who shows up!